Working with you

We respect you, as your child’s first and most important caregiver and educator. By working with you, we can make your child feel safe and secure while at nursery. We try to build strong relationships between nursery and home to ensure that practitioners can set out and support your child in a unique way that develops their own learning style and coordinates with their home life.

We build these relationships by providing extensive oral feedback at the end of your child’s session and through completing daily diaries. These provide you with written detailed information about your child’s time at nursery, including what they have done that day, the food they have eaten and any nappy changes. This diary also facilitates a two-way communication channel as you can write notes to us regarding anything you think we need to know, or any comments or concerns you may have. We also post pictures of your child (with your consent), completing different activities on our Facebook Page for you to see.

Partnerships will also be reinforced through;

  • Settling in sheets, which are completed within your child’s first 4-6 weeks at nursery.
  • Six-month reports, outlining your child’s progress.
  • Samples of activities, crafts and photographs, which are sent home for you to treasure.
  • Nursery open mornings and special services
  • Parent Partnership forms and Home link processes.