Preschool Room

Preschool room is where your 3 – 4-year-old will spend their day, it is here that we prepare and support them, ready for their transition to school.

Children are also provided with a Springfield jumper and book bag so they can practise wearing a uniform for school.

A wide range of play and learning activities are combined to ensure they access all areas of the Foundation Phase Framework through a variety of adult led, and child – initiated tasks. Your child will have free access to a range of areas in the room such as; the Reading Corner, Role Play Area, Small World, Discovery, Construction, Mark Making and the Sand and Water trays. They will also enjoy engaging in ‘Read Write Inc’ sessions which will enable them to listen, recognise and remember sounds. Simple numeric skills such as counting, identifying shapes will also be developed as they are given opportunities to problem solve within their environment. Your child will also be provided with activities which stimulate the development of fine motor skills, snipping with scissors or manipulating playdough and they will have free access to the outdoor area. Here they can learn about the environment in our digging and investigation areas, enhance their creativity by cooking in the mud kitchen or develop gross motor skills running on the grass and pedalling tricycles.

In Preschool we aim for your child to become an independent and autonomous learner who is confident, inquisitive and ready to problem solve.

Please click for an example of our Preschool Room planning Preschool Weekly Activity Planner Sample

Here is a link to our Monthly planning themes too. Monthly Planner 2022