Baby and Toddler Room

Here, we look after Babies from 8 weeks up to 24 months old.

We concentrate on their early development in self-contained rooms, which provide all the warmth, security, fun and stimulation they need. These rooms are peaceful havens, which are cosy and homely, and we aim to work alongside parents and carers to create a warm personal atmosphere which reflects their experience at home. Sleep, emotional and physical nurturing, and sensory stimulation play such an important part in the development of young babies and therefore soft play, ball pools, sensory toys and treasure baskets, all contribute to making your young child’s day engaging and fun.

When Babies begin to walk, we encourage their instinct to travel and move them to our Toddler Rooms. Here they will have more space to explore as well as toys which are specifically designed to improve their physical development and social interaction. All under twos will have fresh air in the garden each day giving them even more opportunity to move around and develop their physical skills.

Please click for an example of our Baby and Toddler Room planning Babies Weekly Activity Planner Sample

Here is a link to our Monthly planning themes too. Monthly Planner 2022