About Us

Our nurseries offer the highest standard of care, along with excellent learning and development opportunities, in a safe, secure and happy environment.  The children who attend our settings are all supported to reach their full potential. The children enjoy a variety of activities, which cover the Foundation Phase Framework’s seven areas of learning, both indoors and outdoors.

Our service is delivered by committed and valued practitioners, many of whom are loyal and longstanding, who are highly motivated and fully trained, to ensure they provide the very best quality of care. The safety, welfare and development of your child is our number one priority and we will work in partnership with you to make sure this achieved.

We are full members of the ‘National Day Nurseries Association’ (NDNA). As a member of NDNA we agree to follow the mission of ‘aiming to deliver quality care and early learning for children.’ We also adhere to the NDNA ‘Code of Conduct’ for members which states that we should uphold high standards of professional conduct that maintain and enhance the reputation of NDNA.