Our Nursery Kitchen is under the leadership of Catering Manager Adele with support from Catering Assistant Linda and Catering Apprentice Hannah.

We are committed to offering your child healthy, nutritious and balanced meals which meet their individual needs and requirements. Our practitioners, who handle or prepare food, all have up to date food hygiene certificates and are fully trained in food storage, preparation and safety. Our last inspection, by the Food Standards Agency, rated our kitchen and our nurseries 5*s (the highest rating for food and hygiene).

A balanced and healthy breakfast, midday meal, and snack tea are all provided for your child when they attend a full day at nursery. Fresh drinking water is constantly available and frequently offered to children and babies throughout the day. Menus are written in advance, include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and reflect cultural diversity and variation. Menu planners are displayed for you to view in the entrance hall of each nursery and you will also be given a written record outlining what your child has eaten throughout the day, at the end of each session.

Upon joining the nursery, you will be asked to complete a form, detailing any special dietary requirements or allergies your child may have. This will then be shared with all practitioners who are involved in food preparation and serving. Please be aware that our Catering Manager is very experienced and can prepare food for all dietary requirements.

At nursery, mealtimes are happy, social occasions for practitioners and children alike. We will actively encourage your child to use their manners and help them to develop independence by supporting them to make choices, pour drinks and feed themselves with age appropriate cutlery.