Great Fun

We take fun very seriously!

Our philosophy is that the most natural way for a child to learn is through play and our Aunties and Uncles are committed to creating a friendly, caring environment in which your child can both grow and thrive.

Secure and spacious surroundings, a happy team, healthy meals and an excellent range of high-quality equipment help make our nurseries a safe, rewarding and exciting place in which to play and learn.


The great outdoors

great-outdoorsOutdoor play is essential in the daily routine of all children and we believe that our outdoor classrooms are some of our greatest assets. The outdoor play areas have been designed to aid children’s development through fun activities using specially designed equipment to aid learning through play.

We love helping the young ones explore the wider world. We are based in one of the most beautiful areas in Britain and on our doorstep are magical trips to the woods, visits to the beach and playtimes in the park all organised for every age group with safety and security uppermost in mind.



learningIt is widely accepted that the foundations laid from birth to three have a major influence on educational and social development throughout childhood, so what happens here really matters.

Every day we build on what you do as parents to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and ability to learn. We provide the best possible introduction to education, with high-quality nursery care for your child.



imaginationIt is our goal to make sure that when children leave our nursery for full-time primary education, they have a firm, structured foundation in the essentials of communication, observation, coordination and movement, imagination, creativity and social skills.